Evolution Of the Desktop and Laptop to Evolution of the Daily Life

We have all seen the picture of the first 5MB hard disk drive from IBM. It is unimaginable for a child who’s used to seeing 1TB on their llaptop-1315587_640ap. We remember how the desktops used to be nice and fat, the favorite place for the house cat to nap on. But now, to the dismay of the cat, the screens have got slimmer than actual folders.

We carry around 1TB of storage in a bracelet or a necklace. The personal computer sure has come a long way. Compare the first Lara Croft games to the present. It used to look like some poor drawing on Paint. Now we have real-like figures and details to make video gaming as addictive as it is.

First ever PC

Gaming-PCSome think the world’s first personal computer was the abacus. Well, in a way, since it does computing business. However, the Kenbak-1 is the first scientific computer ever made, according to the Computer History Museum. It had just 256 byte of memory and only 40 units of the PC were sold. Along with the Kenbak, Datapoint 2200 was sold in the same year, 1971. It was the first commercial success and the price of the computer was a whopping $5000.

PCs going commercial

Not too many years later, in 1977, the Commodore PET and Apple II were introduced. The former came with two built-in drives and 8KB memory support. The Apple II started the revolution for graphics and game paddles, giving rise to Breakout.

startup-593305_640Two years later, in 1979, Atari came up with microcomputers for gaming and for home use. This is when the evolution was officially on a full throttle.

Evolution of life

Computers have evolved to an extent that it is not limited to evolution in the computer alone, it changed our lives for better and for worse. Today we cannot successfully name one daily activity that is not directly or indirectly dependent on computers. Even the common sewage monitors are getting computerized.

We depend on our desktops and laptops and smart phones from morning to night. Not quite literally? Check this out:

  • Morning alarms to start our day
  • Calorie counter for breakfast and the morning exercise routineoffice-581122_640
  • Child safety monitors for while we’re away
  • File managers for the office presentation
  • Security systems for office and homes
  • Navigation system for the car
  • E-bills for the electricity bill, phone bills
  • Grocery and apparel shopping on the internet
  • Booking movie tickets to business tours
  • Even booking funeral services

Our days and lives now begin and end with the internet, thanks to the limitless ways in which the computer has developed. We can either use it for good, to make our lives easier, or to make it so easy that we become lazy and dull. We can use it for our safety, or to break into somebody else’s. The choice is ours, but it is for a fact, that desktops and laptops have evolved and is evolving endlessly since the first giant hard disk drive